Text Editing & Layout
Enter your text and select the font style in the boxes below and to the right. Press the "Update Preview" button to preview your card. You may change the text layout by selecting one of the "Layout Selector" thumbnails. You may place your own images on the card by clicking "Add Image". For more information on this feature click Help next to the "Add Image" button.If you satisfied with your layout click on "Approve" and you will go automatically to the next step in the order process.

The coloured lines on the card are for reference only and will not appear on the finished card. The finished card will be trimmed at the trim-size (blue line) in the card preview. There is a small tolerance in trimming, so text must be kept inside the safe-zone (red line) to prevent it from being clipped. However if you wish to have something continue to the edge of the card it must follow through to the bleed-line (green line).

Layout Selector

Available Fonts
Liberation Sans, Parisienne, Playfair Display, Shanghai, Spicy Rice, Luckiest Guy, Tangerine, Cutive Mono, Eagle Lake, Donegal One, Nunito, Balthazar, Noto Serif, Geo
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