File Specifications
Size: 300,22mm × 213,22mm
Bleed size:1,61mm
Recommended Colorspace:   CMYK

Backgrounds need to extend all the way to the edges of the format.


PDF-files with 2 pages will automatically be separated into front- and backside upon upload.

More Information
horizontal (landscape) Horizontal Card Orientation
vertical (portrait)

Vertical Card Orientation

297mm x 210mm Brochure Upload

If you do not specify a file for the backside, it will be left white and unprinted.

Front (Inside fold) (1)

Back (Outside panel) (2)Optional

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The combined size of your files should not exceed 48 MB.

You may upload a number of different file types: JPEG, PDF, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD, GIF, PNG, BMP, DOC, PPT, ODT, ODG, SXD, ODP, ODS, XLS, RTF, EMF and WMF. Just make sure you follow the specs for layout.
more cards/products can be added later on in the ordering process

File Templates

Play it safe! Use one of our File Templates for programs like Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw etc.
Templates/Start Files for creating your own artwork


If you are not sure how to create or upload a file:

Templates/Start Files for creating your own artwork Email:
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297mm x 210mm Brochure

File dimensions: 300,22mm × 213,22mm
Final dimensions: 297mm × 210mm

300,22mm 213,22mm File Specifications
Cutting Specifications
File dimensions:
Backgrounds need to extend all the way to this size.
Cut line: 1,61mm
Cards are cut here. A small trim tolerance is possible (see Design Tips).
Safezone: 3.22mm
Please make sure that the objects which are not supposed to be cut off are within that zone.
Error: The total size of your files exceeds the upload limit of 50 MB.
Size of your files: MB

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Size of your files: MB
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DSL 1 MBit

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