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Template Preview of your design. Here you can select your texts or uploaded images/ elements and move them around.

Layers On the right hand side of your template you can find the layers with your texts and your images. You can select these layers and move them to the front or to the back.

Attention: Your chosen background template always remains the first layer. If you would like to choose another design you will have to choose another template and restart the creation of your design.


Delete Delete a text or a selected image


Text formatting

Font size Change the size of your font

Font Select a text and choose a new font

Bold, Italic and Underline Format the selected text

Alignment of text Left aligned, centered or right aligned

Colour Change the colour of your text. You have different possibilities to find the exact colour.

Add Text Do you need more text lines? Add a new text field to your template.

Add image Upload an image from your computer

To Front Move texts or images into the front layer

Change Image Change your image. This option is only available if an image is selected.

To Back Move texts or images into the back layer

Crop Image

Add Image

Please click on „Add Image“ at the top and then on „My Computer“ in order to choose the file from your computer and to upload it.

If you want to keep the image in the original size, just click on „Apply“ and the image will be positioned on your template where you still can move it around.

With the option „Crop Image“ you can crop only a portion of the image.

You can move every layer to the desired position by clicking on the layer with your left mouse button keeping the mouse button pressed down and by moving the layer to the right place.

With these 2 options you can move layers to the back or to the front.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team.