Image Upload Help

Step 1. - Upload Your Image

To add an image to your product, simply click on the button Add Image to open more image options.

Click the Browse button to open a "File Upload" window on your computer. Navigate to the image that you wish to upload and select it. The image will then appear in the upper left corner of the product, which is the default position.

If you are having problems uploading your image, please double check the supported file types list below.

Step 2. - Positioning

Now that you have uploaded your image, you will need to position it correctly on the card. In the drop down menu you can select your preffered position.

Positions Drop Down Positions

Additional options to position your image can be found under Full Bleed (To the Edge) and Nudge.

Step 3. - Size Your Image

After positioning your image, there is a final drop down menu that controls the size of your image on your product. The drop down menu is a list of percentages of the total height of the card; if you want your image to be 40 % the height of the card, you would select "40%". Click on the Update Preview Now you can see the resizing.

If you wish to add another image, repeat steps 1-3 before proceeding to Step 4.

Step 4. - Review Your Card

Once you have completed your design, there are a couple things that you should double check to be sure there won't be any problems when you submit it for printing.

  • Pixilated or Distorted Image: When an image's size is adjusted, it can result in a pixilated or distorted image that will be unclear when printed. If you are noticing this on your mock up, you will need to re-adjust the size of your image or use an image in higher quality. If you are unsure of how to do this, call 034297 / 987000 or send an email to Our service representatives can assist you.

  • Safezone: Make sure that your image is inside the red lines labeled as Safe Zone. Anything on or outside of this red line may be cut off.

Additional Features and Information

Full Bleed (To the Edge)

The "Full Bleed (To the Edge)" check box will place the image to the edge of the card so the image will continue to the edge after it is trimmed.

Remember the image will be cut at the safe zone.


This feature will enable you to move your image a small amount in any direction for fine tuning. To nudge your image choose the amount of pixels you wish to move the image and then click the direction you would like to move it.

File Types

OvernightPrints supports the following file types for uploading: JPG, TIF, PDF, PNG, EPS, BMP, GIF, PSD, DOC, XLS, RTF, ODT, ODG, SXD, ODP, PPT, ODS, WMF and EMF. If your image is not one of these file types, please convert your image before trying to upload. If you are unsure how to do this, our service representatives can assist you. Please call 034297 / 987000 or send an email to


If a white block appears around the image you uploaded, that means the white block is part of the image. In order to eliminate it so you can see the background image flush against the edges of your uploaded image, the background on your image needs to be made transparent. If you are unsure how to do this, our service representatives can assist you. Speak to a representative by calling 034297 / 987000 or send an email to


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